Omnasztra’s long, dark hair and brown almond shaped eyes give her the appearance of an extremely gifted and intuitive person. Her smile is warm and caring. One immediately feels a sense of safety and comfort in her presence.


Omnasztra (Stacey Osder) was born in Los Angeles to a traditional thinking home yet she is very much a free-spirit. Omnasztra’s inherent gifts are passed down from her paternal grandmother. In addition to her natural gifts, Omnasztra was an extremely creative and imaginative child. She did not understand some of what she was experiencing until later in her life.

Many mentors approached her as she was growing up but Omnasztra was resistant to her path until she was in her twenties and met a particular teacher who helped her to accept her journey and her gifts. While beginning to accept and utilize her healing and intuitive gifts, Omnasztra was also earning her degree as a clinical social worker. Since that time, she has learned to balance the two worlds in an effort to help achieve her purpose to aid people and help lift them to see their own abilities.

Omnasztra learned her healing techniques through intuitive knowledge and from her teachers. Stacey uses hands-on healing when dealing with physical ailments. In addition, she has been using her gifts of energy healing and release work on the emotional, physical, and spiritual levels to help people remove blockages, clear energy, align and balance the etheric body, and to find truth and comfort on their own individual paths.

Omnasztra has a strong affinity with land and animals. She also has the innate ability to clear and balance people’s living and work spaces. Omnasztra’s work is defined by her compassion, caring, and belief that there is inherent good in everyone.