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moon phases

Two really great sites for information on the Moon and it’s phases, eclipses and other information


Japa Mala Logo

This wonderful site offers a full range of malas, instructions on using a mala, and information related to malas.  I love this site!



So Hum Meditation


  1. Close your eyes for a few minutes and take a few moments to observe the inflow and outflow of your breath
  2. Take a slow, deep breath through your nose while silently repeating the word “So”
  3. Then slowly exhale through your nose while silently repeating word ‘Hum.’ Continue to allow your breath to flow easily, silently repeating “So”… “Hum” with each inflow and outflow of the breathbody sensations – gently return to your breath, silently repeating
  4. “So” … “Hum”
  5. Whenever your attention drifts to thoughts in your mind, sounds,
  6. Do this process 20-30 minutes. A timer and/or a 108 bead mala can be used*. Just breathe easily and effortlessly, without trying to concentrate. When time is up, sit with eyes gently closed, taking a moment to rest in the stillness and silence of your meditation.
  • Never Rush to/from meditation
  • “So” is the in-breath, means “I am one with God”
  • “Hum” is the out-breath, means “I am never separate from God”

*108 mala beads takes approximately 20 minutes to complete using this meditation