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Nicole:  This article purpose is to get people on a positive path, regardless of their pain or circumstances. Some people will follow the steps and others may begin there and then seek more help.

Omnasztra:  I will answer your questions as best I can.  What I have realized over the years is that because I was born with the gifts I have, I don’t always have a full understanding of how they work.  I know how to use and direct them but until someone asks me specific questions – I don’t always put intellectual thought into it as it is very instinctive and guided by what I refer to as God, The Light, The Universe, Guides, etc.  Whatever name is used, it breaks down to pure energy.

Nicole: What patterns of guidance do you use to help people move from tension to free energy?

Omnasztra:  A Healing Session or a Spiritual Counseling Session can be done in person or over the telephone – it is equally effective, it just depends on preference and location.  I always begin with a silent prayer that protects me, the client, and the surroundings, from any negativity that may be released during the session. That is followed by a silent prayer in which I open myself up to the person’s energy, what he or she is requesting, and what is needed.  After that, each session is different as it is personalized, from what I am guided, to each person. There is usually dialogue as I am guided to inform the client of certain things having to do with the issue that bought them to me, or the underlying issue(s).  I will remove energetic blockages, clear negative energy and/or attachments, and help redirect/infuse the client with “lighter” energy.  I accomplish this using my hands (although I never physically touch a client), closing my eyes and directing the energy, working with my guides/their guides, and sometimes utilizing various tools such as crystals, rattles, certain other objects (although I do not need the tools they make it a little easier sometimes).  At the end of the session, I pull my energy back into myself, protect the client’s energy.  After the session, I energetically cleanse myself, and the environment. The session is between 1.25-2.00 hours.

Nicole:  What is the difference between removing blockage, and helping people with the obstacles they face?

Omnasztra:  There are usually underlying reasons and/or attachments when there are blockages or obstacles. Removing a blockage is simply that.. Getting rid of whatever is preventing the flow of positive energy (kind of like unclogging a pipe).  Helping a person with the obstacle(s) being faced may include some removal of blockages but usually entails quite a bit of healing work, helping the client find their heart, truth & strength and face their fears, scars, etc.  Many times, if the blockage on any level (spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical) is simply removed, with no understanding by the client of what it was or why it was there, it will manifest again. However, sometimes with physical issues, removing the pain etc is all that is needed with guidance as to how to avoid it in the future.  Obstacles may be part of a person’s life journey or life lessons so the individual needs to learn how to recognize them, move through them, learn from them and let them go. I help the client find and navigate their path through this.
Nicole:  How do you guide people to learn to get in touch with their personal ability to deal with their obstacles and begin positive goal setting?

Omnasztra:  During a session, I am guided as to the specific ways a person can help themselves in their daily lives. It is always different. The information can include anything from nutrition, seeing a doctor, spiritual practices, relaxation, metaphysics, self-healing/self-cleansing (energetic, mental), daily activities. The list goes on. I am often surprised at some of the information I am given.  I give this information to the client verbally, and have them write it down so they can refer to it when they forget.

I like the purpose of your article as you described it.  The one certainty in life (aside from physical birth and physical death) is that circumstances (good or bad) will change.  Life is fluid.  People stuck in painful situations don’t always understand this, or see the way there, but nothing is written in stone.  I help people find their truth and be at peace with it.

Audio Interview by student at Cal State University Northridge for a Women’s Studies course.  Interview is also archived at the June Mazer Collection in West Hollywood, CA (54 min) :

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