“Stacey possesses an extraordinary gift for channeling positive energy and facilitating spiritual growth. Her intuitive insights and compassionate presence create a safe and nurturing space for healing to occur. Through our sessions, I have gained a deeper understanding of myself, released old wounds, and felt a sense of peace I never thought possible.”

R.A., Glendale, CA

"After bringing up to Stacey my frustrations & stress with our new Goldendoodle puppy living on a semi truck, Stacey was able to read & feel her presence instantly. Once she shared with me our little pup's thoughts, I gained so much clarity & knowledge from her genuine reading of how bored our puppy was and how she felt about the small space we lived in together. I've learned so much already from what was shared about our pup, especially to talk with her more frequently, interact with her & play more with her! Stacey nailed it right on the head! I am so grateful for Stacey's compassionate, peaceful, and healing services and would highly recommend her to anyone seeking guidance with their pet's needs. My partner's and my relationship with our puppy has seriously improved so very much ever since that session."

M.B., Granada Hills, CA

“Stacey is incredibly talented as a Healer and a Spiritual Counselor. She has helped me develop an empowered relationship with myself. I have been working with her for a couple of years now. In this time she has guided me through many big life events and changes such as building a better relationship with my husband who does not share my communication style (at all), individuating from co-dependency with my mother, and mentally preparing myself for childbirth and then helping our 4month old daughter who was having terrible teething pains. She was very fussy during feedings or waking up every hour at night crying from the the pain. Stacey was able to remotely heal her whole mouth. We saw a significant difference and reduced irritability with feeding and sleeping. For tired and sleep deprived parents, this was such a huge relief. Stacey's guidance, support and encouragement has not only helped me heal but also helped me develop tools to face new challenges and situations. We have done some deep and difficult work together and I have always walked away from our sessions feeling lighter and happier.”

A.R., Los Angeles, CA

“I feel so much more at peace after my healings. This last one in particular I was able to properly have closure from having to re-home my dog. I loved hearing how my dog felt it was the right choice for him. He was reminiscing on memories and what he really felt during our time together and what makes him happy now. I felt grounded by all of the explanations about what was being done and why throughout my healing. I also love the combination of healing and spiritual counseling.”

R.S.D., Los Angeles, CA

"Stacey, You came into my life when it was in shambles and gracefully helped me pick up the pieces of myself that I didn’t have the strength to carry on my own. I was on a dark and lonely one-way street and you were the light that illuminated the endless roads surrounding me. You let me choose my own paths and remained patient even when I chose the wrong ones. You’ve spoken truths that not even god has revealed to me, but then again, aren’t we supposed to see the god in others? I can’t help but think you’re one of many angels that has been sent to help guide me through life. You found an occupation that integrates the fundamental parts of who you are and although it’s your job, it’s also your gift to heal. Your healing powers have helped you endure every struggle that has shaped you into this brave woman who is able to share her story with others. I’ve grown to feel an admirable respect for the woman you are and everything you’ve been through. Every word you tell me is held in a sacred place so close to my heart. I have three role models in my life and you’re on that list. You taught me where my happiness lies, you taught me to embrace my inner beauty, you planted seeds in my soul for endless rebirth and revival. You showed me a woman in myself that I couldn’t help but fall in love with regardless of, or maybe even because of, my mistakes and my flaws. You challenged me to dig deeper into the parts of myself that I would have been too stubborn to look for otherwise and discover the roots that both shaped me and held me back. Then I learned how to cut them free and make something beautiful out of what was left. If it wasn’t clear by now, this is a letter of my undying gratitude for you and everything you’ve brought to my life. “Thank yous” are too cliché and quite frankly, hardly suffice for me, but I promise to give you the ultimate thanks by letting your words and guidance live out in me for the rest of my life."

-S.A., Los Angeles, CA

“Stacey is truly gifted and has an ability to bring out the gift in others. She immediately knew that I had a spiritual gift and has been a guiding light in my life. She has given me the tools and techniques to harness my abilities and trust my instincts. It is easy to be comfortable in her presence and trust her with the information that comes forth. Thanks to Stacey, I’ve been able to heal after some traumatic life events and I am beyond thankful.”

A.K., Westlake Village, CA

“I have met with Stacey a couple of times and have appreciated her so much.  Her energy and healing helped me release my anxiety and brought me peace.  Her way of explaining things gives me a better perspective of how to handle my situation.  She is a genuine and caring person and I would recommend her for an energy healing.”

L.S., Chatsworth, CA

"Omnasztra carries the aura of young energy and an old soul. Irreverantly reverent. I love working with her and would recommend her to anyone."

R.C., Beverly Hills, CA

“I met Stacey shortly after an extremely tragic event happened in my life. She was positive, open, compassionate, kind, understanding, sensitive and had an absorbing sense of humor. I had never given much thought about the afterlife or higher power, until Stacey was able to reach out from beyond to that very important person in my life (what she refers to as mediumship). This person was now gone from me and Stacey was able to see and communicate things that were apparent and known to me but impossible for her to know. When it was happening I was skeptical and unsure how to feel (I thought maybe I said something to her in regards to my situation that I didn’t remember - I found that I was questioning myself, as we all probably do!). But, at that moment of her trying to give me comfort and revealing things that she could not have possibly known, I went with it and felt safe, comfortable and came out of the experience feeling pretty amazing, with what is after or beyond. I thank her for that! What I experienced was that Stacey was 90% on point with the information that came through from the person she connected with for me. She has also taught me through her healing that if you are open to it, it just may happen and it’s good, only positive. With Stacey’s approach I was able feel comfortable with myself and start the process of moving on in many great ways and not wonder what happens to us in the afterlife. Healing is good for the soul - just ask her… I am confident that she will have the answer.”

J.F., Encino, CA

“Whether you’ve had experience with mediumship before or if this is your first time, Stacey has a natural ability to make you feel completely comfortable during the experience. Although I am a believer in both the concept of mediumship and in Stacey’s abilities, I was pleasantly surprised at the experience. I can’t begin to recount the amount of times I was stunned into silence at the remarkable details and memories that she revealed, details only myself and the loved ones that I’ve lost would know. Losing my mother, there were topics I naturally (and sometimes tearfully) wondered what her thoughts would be on. You can imagine my amazement when Stacey had plenty of details to say on these topics, especially since these were topics I hadn’t shared with anyone. I can’t begin to explain the amount of love and light felt during this experience. It’s something that was very deep and personal, and to have someone as caring and capable as Stacey taking you through this journey is a blessing all on its own.”

M.D., Lake Balboa, CA

“After the death of my 13 year old dog that I grew up with since I was a child, I visited Stacey and her reading blew me away. At first I was hesitant because I never had a reading done for me, but wow it was a life changing experience. I felt my late dog's presence around me for the past few weeks and her readings confirmed that. Stacey was able to tell me my dog's exact hair color and the color of her collar that she had on for most of her life. Stacey even was able to discuss the dynamics between my younger dog and my older dog who passed. I now feel much more at peace with my dog's death, since I know she still follows me around looking for food and watches over my younger dog like how she use to when she was alive. Stacey was able to speak with my dog and ask her specific questions. The answers Stacey gave me made complete sense without me having to give her any information.”

Ross D., Granada Hills, CA

"As a healer/reader myself I can say its difficult to find someone trustworthy and genuinely does their work with compassion and is properly skilled, she's had extensive training and holds true talent! If you're looking for top shelf, go see Stacey ;) !"

PHOENIX, Los Angeles, CA

"I was in a tremendous amount of pain tonight and had taken several different meds to cope. My dear friend, mentor, and healer, Stacey Osder healed me and even the meds were burned off! I am in zero pain and am now wide awake, instead of drugged. I am sooooo incredibly grateful! I highly recommend her for healing!!!!"

A.S., Ventura County

“Stacey has an amazing way of healing a person's mental well being along with giving the individual a sense of self confidence and poise.  She heals with a special and mystical inspiring manner. I would highly recommend Stacey Osder to anyone who is looking to be the best version of themself.”   -G.M., Sherman Oaks, CA

G.M., Sherman Oaks, CA

“Anyone looking for a truly amazing Healer, then you’ve found her. Omnasztra is the Real Deal. I’ve personally been involved in Metaphysics for some 30 plus years, and I must say Stacey’s gifted abilities in Healing and Spiritual Counseling are extraordinary. I’ve known many Great Healers and Stacey’s among the elite. Some of my referred clients / students have returned with amazing results. Some of whom I referred had some serious low-self esteem issues were quickly addressed with amazing results. I’ve had clients with ailments like mild Tourette’s syndrome who went for a general healing only returning to me completely healed. Some had suddenly changed taking amazingly look at life to a self-empowerment.  Some had very serious issues from present and past lives that were serious affecting their present life and she healed them and counseled them to a Healing rebirth. After a Healing session by Stacey, you will experience more than likely a heightened vibration in your frequency which will truly set you on a new high but will carry on for days to weeks and to even months. It will definitely open things releasing old pains and suffering giving yourself a truer you. Another amazing ability is Stacey’s Gift to Heal in the Astral Dimension that I’ve personally only seen in one other Healer. This gives her the latitude to Heal you no matter where you’re located, so you can even get a Healing while you’re even on a vacation. I highly recommend Stacey no matter what your issue or circumstance. And most important a Healing from Stacey is not just any Healing. It’s a Blessing.”

A.I.F., Santa Monica, CA

“Stacey came into my life at a very dark and lonely time. She has brought so much light into my life. With her help I understand my spiritual gifts. I can now embrace them without feeling weird or afraid. I'm a more confident woman.”

M.D., Marina del Rey, CA

"I have experienced several styles of healing modalities over the years; but nothing compares to Omnasztra's gentle yet powerful style.”

T.H., NoHo, CA

“I have gone to Stacey for several healings. She has also taken me under her wing as a teacher in the Spiritual world. It amazes me at how intuitive she is. I come out of her healings with clarity and knowledge about myself that I could not get through anyone or anywhere else. Her approach is unique and her ability to take real world examples and apply them to the Spiritual world is Astounding! She has one foot in each world in a way that I admire and strive to do for myself with her help and guidance. I highly recommend Stacey as she has helped me in so many facets of my life. I honestly don’t know where I would be without her.”

L.C., Northridge, CA

“Stacey is perhaps the most powerful and incredible woman I have ever met and I don't take such a statement lightly . Through intense work with her in couples counseling, spiritual counseling and healing, I have never been more deeply impressed, touched and profoundly impacted, especially after decades of prior therapy and healing attempts with others. Her presence in my life, as a healer, mentor, teacher, guide, voice of reason and friend, has evolved into something I will treasure forever, through the gifts she has given me, emotionally, spiritually, psychologically and otherwise. Stacey has an unequivocal quality of caring, deep understanding, compassion and wisdom, in combination with such rare gifts. She holds a natural transformative ability and has helped me, and I am sure, countless others, throughout her spiritual and professional path - as well as just through her existence. Her innate desire to care and offer guidance and support in any way she is able comes from a place so pure of heart with deep strength of character. She is one of the most inspirational, talented, creative women and teachers I have known. In a short period of time in my initial work with her, she made such a deep impact and throughout my extended time as her client, she has shown and helped me more than I could ever have imagined or asked for. I have no doubt that she has the power to heal, guide and transform anyone who seeks her wisdom, support and guidance. She is truly at exceptional and does not stand for anything less in her practice.”

R.B., Los Angeles, CA

“Stacey has been a significant healer and catalyst for my personal growth, emotionally and physically healing areas that were causing me pain and holding me back from my divine path. When you meet her, you can feel her healing presence. She is a strong empath, meaning she can truly feel and know what you are going through. She sees the root source that needs healing with her Shaman eyes and with her professional counselor training she is able to combine the strong energetic healing with compassionate listening and wise advice.  I am grateful that I was led to work with her.”

A.S., Ojai, CA

“Her healing's are magical.  The moment I become in contact with Stacey, I immediately feel at ease and I know that she is full of light.  I would definitely recommend her.  She has cleared lots of negative energy surrounding me.  I believe that in order to live on this planet and to maintain in a space of love and light, we all must have a healer help us get through some tough times and I am forever grateful to have met such a wonderful spirit who allows me to feel safe and comfortable during the darkest times.  When I first met Stacey, I was a worrier.  Now, she has helped release lots of pain and fear from not only this life, but from past lives as well.  Every session, I am able to let out emotions that have built up for quite some time.  Thank you Stacey, you have taught me so much and I continue to learn the more I see you.”  

M.M., Los Angeles, CA

Very good reading. Angelic and a very positive reader with good details. I would recommend Omnasztra!

H., Cambria, CA

I was so worried about my son. Thanks for saying about my son will marry Sarah the blond – you were right – they married last weekend!

J.D., South Bay, CA

"I had a reading last week and I really enjoyed it. I am going through a rough transition and she was so so compassionate and understanding. She shed light on why all this is happening. She is very good at picking up on thoughts and feelings ……. What a great reader. Thanks so much!

R., Los Angeles, CA

You are such a beautiful angel! Thank you for your dedication and commitment to helping others. The world needs more people like you.

S.K.,Washington D.C.

This is the SWEETEST woman ever… you can tell that she genuinely cares about her clients. I definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to see a light at the end of the tunnel to any hardship they are facing, and her reading was accurate. Everything she said about how my situation would end up actually happened the way she said it would.

A.T., Sherman Oaks, CA

I just wanted to say how awesome you are and how much I enjoyed our interaction. Hope to talk to you again soon!    

B.D., Green Bay, WI

My energy session with Stacey was amazing. She helped me to realize many things about myself and my life that I wouldn't have known otherwise, and she intuitively gathered the information I needed in order to move into my highest good. Stacey is very supportive, and her healing work is extraordinary.

B.N.C.W Hollywood CA

Stacey was amazing. After I invited her into my space, she looked around and started making suggestions, then started moving things. My small studio apartment took on a new dimension. She moved things around for me and it changed the whole atmosphere and energy flow. Simple things, yet when she moved them, they took on a deeper meaning. A chime was moved by the window, my dream catcher moved closer to my bed, and my apartment felt more like home than it had before Stacey was there. She did not change specific objects, but she took what I had and enhanced it by placing it where it needed to be. Her interventions helped enhance my living experience!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

S.V.D., Los Angeles, CA

Thank you so much for blessing our home last evening. It feels so much more peaceful and tranquil. And it was good having you re-enforce our beliefs in our medicine and its strength. I sometimes forget that. Thanks again.

A.B. (& K.P.), North Hollywood, CA

Over the last year or so I have been privileged to have benefited from many of Stacey's talents... Most recently I felt that my living space was in disarray and I couldn't settle down... I asked Stacey to perform a cleansing... Without great drama and with grace and peace, she listened, looked and felt what needed to be done and changed... Upon following her recommendations, I find that my mind is clearer and my sleep is more restful...As is usual, my life has been enhanced by having Stacey in my life....

C.N., Studio City, CA

Your eyes become deep pools of pure knowledge, all knowing. (The words came to me while driving).

Y.S., Glendale, CA

I had a powerful healing experience with Stacey. I had the gout in my right big toe. I called Stacey on the phone and as she was sending me healing energy I could see and feel my toe vibrating. After a few days the pain and swelling in my big toe was gone and it had also completely realigned itself. The pain has not come back for a year and a half. Knowing Stacey has been a transformational experience and has filled my life with love and laughter. I highly recommend you experience the healing powers of Stacey for yourself.

J.M., Nashville, TN

Having worked in the metaphysical world for the last five years, I have come across numerous "healers" who all professed their powers. After many sessions with well-meaning people, I can honestly say that not one of them had any physical or emotional impact upon my being until I met Stacey Osder. The session changed my life forever in very deep profound emotional ways. I do not normally recommend any healers but after Stacey's healings I have found myself insisting that all friends, family and even acquaintances must see her. Her work is very important to everyone I have sent to her and I am grateful she is in our lives

J.F., Woodland Hills, CA

Stacey's insight and healings have been a tremendous help to me in my life. During some of my darkest hours, she was a great beacon of light. Her insight is thoughtful and accurate. Just to be in her presence and to hear her soothing words is a healing in itself. Her wisdom can awaken much light from within. I would recommend Stacey to anyone who is in need of a healingor someone who wants to walk further along their spiritual path. She's not only a great healer, but a life saver as well.

R.C., Redondo Beach, CA

Stacey is a very gifted healer. Recommended highly, I sought out her service during a very difficult emotional time in my life. Even though I live over 2500 miles away from her, we conducted healing sessions by telephone. When I came down to Los Angeles, I also had an in-person session. Near or far, I found the healings equally effective. Stacey has such a beautiful energy - gentle yet powerful in effect. I always feel very light after her healings and clear.

M.P., Toronto, Canada

Stacey is an extraordinarily gifted healer, and she's funny too.

E.T., Simi Valley, CA

In my health issue, Stacey helped me cope with a situation in which the doctors had different opinions (some said brain cancer, some said a cystic tumor). She suggested that I write in my journal every day, which has helped spool off some of the emotions that were causing the grief. She worked with her spirits to heal the growth (and it decreased). She also encouraged me to get the tests and meet with the doctors and face what they had to say. The process made me grow and change some of my routine to keep healthy. I am glad our paths connected.

K.G., Los Angeles, CA

Dear Stacey... My first session with you, although already quite sometime ago, continues to impact my life. There were many benefits from that session, but the single thing that stands out in my mind was the revelation that I held a deep seated belief that I would somehow betray my mother if I succeeded beyond the scope of what she achieved. Thank you for helping me uncover this barrier and even more, thank you for helping me heal it. As I move forward, I feel that my mother is cheering me on! And to think...I went to you because I thought I needed physical healing! Bless you for your skill, intuition, clarity, and all the levels of Divine assistance you bring to your healing work.

C.L.H., Sherman Oaks, CA

Hi Stacey, I am happy you blessed my condo and helped me with my back pain. Recently I was concerned about my heart and you advised me to take some natural supplements and did not see any problem with the heart, the cardiologist mentioned the same.

JD, Torrance, CA

Stacey has advised me on very serious personal issues with incredibly good results. She gave me direction that no one else bothered to. Not only did she give advice she gave me exact information regarding resolving my issues on my terms and allowing my own wisdom and intuition to be honored. I found her to be an extremely sympathetic yet empowering person to know and would refer anyone to her without reservation.

E.M., Topanga, CA

Stacey's work has been extremely helpful to me throughout my years of knowing her. Her words are thoughtful, compassionate, and very insightful. You know you are working with the best after a session with her. She is a true professional. I recommend Stacey to anyone in need of healing or who wants to begin their life journey. She's a great healer and a real friend.

D.I., Agoura Hills, CA

I have had the pleasure of using Omnasztra's services on several occasions. Each experience has been an enlightening one, helping me to gain insights about myself. Her work has helped me to live a healthier life and for this I am truly grateful!

J.K., Redondo Beach, CA.

I just went to see Stacey recently, and all I can say is, Wow! She was absolutely amazing! She not only gave me an amazingly accurate reading/healing, but she made me feel so comfortable the whole time. One minute after sitting down to begin the session, I felt as if I’d known Stacey for years. Without any prompting on my part, she was able to tap into emotional issues I didn’t even know I had, and release them. It was such a healing, positive experience. I was a bit nervous at first, but now I couldn’t be happier I did it. I would definitely recommend her to absolutely anyone. Thanks Stacey!!!! : )

K.A., Los Angeles, CA

After being injured at work, I experienced extreme pain in my neck. Nothing helped it. Pills, acupuncture – nothing helped – it would reduce the pain but the pain would always return, and reach an excruciating level that nothing could ease. After Stacey did a healing on that area, and the severe pain – it went away and has never come back!

R.B., Valley Village, CA

Stacey has a plethora of gifts. Her healing abilities are amazing. I have had the pleasure of watching her work and the results have been miraculous. She has helped further me on my path to greater awareness as well as helped me to heal some of my own ailments. She has a knack for pinpointing the exact origin of a problem and through her unique mix of psychic and healing abilities, she is able to help others find peace and wellness. Stacey’s dynamic and passionate persona also makes her an incredible individual in the healing profession. I highly recommend her to anyone who is searching for healing and enlightenment.

D.K., Huntington Beach, CA

Having worked in the metaphysical field for a few years, I had experienced the work of different energy healers and practitioners. As a result, when I scheduled my first session with Stacey, I felt that I had an idea or concept of what to expect: well, let me simply say that nothing happened the way I had anticipated. Stacey’s pure and earthy energy was an utterly new experience for me and the session was beyond anything I had ever experienced, beyond anything I had ever thought, and just beyond words. Her accuracy and ability in identifying my problems and the source of my pain blew my mind, and at that particular moment I realized I was facing someone extremely gifted and powerful. The session was intense but the outcome tremendously rewarding on a spiritual, emotional and also philosophical level, because indeed Stacey has also been gifted with authentic wisdom. Since then, I have never wanted to try another practitioner no matter how wonderful they may sound or be. To me, what I went through with Stacey will forever be the most amazing healing experience and this fact in combination with her bright, gentle and powerful energy have convinced me that I have forever found the right healer. I highly recommend her powerful gifts and help as I am certain that anyone will find her and her work just as amazing as I do. Much love and many thanks.

D.G., Valley Village, CA

On my healing path, I have not encountered anyone who possesses Omnasztra's unique gift to invoke energetic healing at the deepest emotional, physical and spiritual levels. In her powerful energetic healing sessions, I have healed past traumas, expanded my spiritual consciousness, gained insight in my daily life, and much more! I am eternally grateful to Stacey's extraordinary service.

D.D., Los Angeles, CA

I talked to Stacey in mid-2007 when I was going through an unsettling time in my personal life. Back then it felt as though my core was unstable and had a general sense of unease in all aspects of my life. My confidence was low, and I felt as though I was struggling in all aspects of my life without finding or getting any satisfactory results. In my phone session with Stacey she gave me valuable tools to help ground myself, and open myself up to positive energies. She gave me personal guidelines and exercises to follow to eliminate negative and unhelpful noise from my life. She also helped me realize the potential source of a constant and nagging sense of fear in my life. To be honest I didn't follow all the advice she gave me and I don't think she even expected that I would, but I almost certainly experienced benefits from what I did implement in my daily routine and life. I do still continue to have some of the old issues these days, but I am much more grounded and a feel much more stable and I find it easier to cope with them with much less stress than I use to have.

K., New York.