December 2009

Happy Winter Solstice Everyone! 

This is a time of transformation, and movement (finally!  I know some of you are breathing a sigh of hope and relief).  It has been a long, and sometimes difficult, journey to this point… so many have been waiting, some avoiding, most doing their best to understand and transform any issues, scars, and obstacles.  You have been working hard, and if you have not already begun to see positive results – you will soon.  We have stepped through a doorway, and the future is different – it is brighter, a bit easier.  The changes may be subtle, or dramatic, but they will be there.  As always, I am here to help you if you need me. 

There are a few things I want to share with you…

~~ First is a wonderful, short video from Humanity Healing (  I stumbled across it, loved it, and thought it a beautiful way to honor you, the solstice, and the transition to the new year.  The name of the video is “Intention: Aware & Awake”,  the url is:

~~ Pepper Lewis offers an inspiring and informative article (“Making the Most of Your Spiritual Toolbox”) at:

~~ Many of you ask me about meditation, and about the energy of different stones.  

~ For a ton of information on meditation, visit:

~ Heaven and Earth Jewelry offers the metaphysical properties of many stones at:

I wish each and every one of you a brilliant 2010!! 

In Love, Light & Peace,

Stacey Osder

September 2009

Hello Everyone!

I hope this email finds you safe, peaceful, and enjoying your summer.  There has been quite a bit of planetary action these last few months – eclipses, retrogrades, and so much more.   I am by no means a planetary expert so I always appreciate it  when I come across information that is informative yet easy to understand.  I recently read two such articles explaining some of these current influences, and I wanted to share them with you.  

As always, I am available to support you with your journey, and your well-being,  in any way I can.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me if I can be of service to you. 

Following are the articles, and a link to a beautiful video on You Tube – “The Om”  . 



Excerpt  from Cynthia Killion’s September Newsletter

( :

“We do have a couple of significant astrological & energy shifts happening this month.  The first is Mercury Retrograde on the 6th (or 7th…depending on which time zone you live in).  The second major shift is Pluto stationing & going direct on September 11th.

 I realize that if you’re not a professional astrologer (or at least a serious student of the subject), all this talk of “stationing” & “retrogrades” might sound like goobley-gook at worst, or a foreign language at best.  I understand. Which is why I like to try to put it into plain & simple words, for those who don’t speak “astrologeuse” (smile).

Let’s take Mercury Retrograde first.  This is what is happening from about September 6th through September 29th.  “Retrograde” means “appearing to move backwards from the earth’s vantage point”.  When a planet or heavenly body retrogrades, it usually means disruption, breakdown, challenges, problems, or reversal in the energies or areas of life that are “ruled” by that particular planet.

Mercury is said to “rule” communications, transportation, technology, travel (especially travel by car), contracts, commerce, business, the mind, mental processes, and the intellect. It is the rational, thinking mind, as well as all the countless day-to-day decisions we make involving the rational, thinking, mind.  So when Mercury goes retrograde, the rational thinking mind doesn’t really work all that well, or at least, it’s not as effective as it usually is.  Also, the “usual order” of things seems to break down.  Things often just don’t turn out or work they way they are “supposed” to during this time.  Even though you try to “cover all your bases” and make the “best laid plans”, things seem to change and morph at the last minute in spite of your best intentions.

Can you see how Mercury going retrograde might have potentially negative effects on the day-to-day operations of life?  Of course, it’s only “negative” if you’re expecting things to flow as they quote-unquote “normally” do.  But if you’re aware that communication could get fuddled, that travels slows down, and that plans must frequently get re-arranged during this time, then you’re not as likely to get so “bent out of shape” by what happens during Mercury retrograde.

How to survive (and thrive) during Mercury Retrograde in a nutshell….  Be flexible, fluid, and intuitive.  Avoid making decisions only with your rational mind, as the rational mind isn’t very effective on its own right now (is it truly ever?).  This is a good time for introversion, reflection, and meditation.  Avoid starting anything new, unless it involves spiritual contemplation & meditation or you have been thinking about doing it for sometime.  Of course, you can’t shut down your entire life or all activity just because Mercury is retrograde for 3 weeks.  Listen to your heart, and you will know when it is right to act, and when it is better to hold back.

Mercury retrograde is good for activities that start with the pre-fix “re”…redo, redecorate, renew, resubscribe, reflect, rework, refocus, replenish, restart, renegotiate, relearn, remove, remind, reignite, reinspire, rethink,  review, return, revisit, and so forth.

Pluto Direct.  Enough about Mercury….let’s talk Pluto already.  I feel kind of sorry for Pluto really, because after all, he was recently demoted to being just a “dwarf planet”.  I think this is complete BS, because anyone who has followed the movements of Pluto knows that, while Pluto may be tiny, perhaps even subtle, the effects He has on our lives can be quite POWERFUL, even traumatic, shocking, or at least, cathartic. 

Pluto spends a lot of time in retrograde each year (about 6 months).  Now it is turning back “direct” on the 11th.  In this case, “direct” means that it will now appear to be moving forward from the earth’s vantage point.  (This is the opposite of retrograde.)  In other words, its orbit will look normal again. When a planet goes “direct“, it represents a time where the areas of life that it symbolizes can finally resume normally activity and begin to flow smoothly again.  Except, it usually takes a little while for everything to get back to normal, especially when we are dealing with a slower moving body like Pluto, which takes about 248 years to go around the zodiac (contrast that with the Sun, which only takes a year!).

Pluto “rules” a lot of different areas in life, including transformation, regeneration, and the will.  Pluto has just entered Capricorn, where it will remain for over a decade.  Capricorn is associated with structure, responsibility, maturity, spiritual mastery, career, business, world governments & institutions.

With Pluto going direct, you might find your sense of self-empowerment and direction increasing, especially as it relates to your missing, calling, or any other area in life where you feel “pushed” to take on additional responsibility.  Probably you will feel encouraged & empowered to look at new ways of earning income or becoming more serious about your mission in the world.

For the last 6 months or so, all of us have been experiencing a kind of deep-level inner transformation.  Now, with Pluto going direct in Capricorn (a very material-world kind of sign), it is time to manifest some of this internal transformation into the “outer” world and make change in practical, real-world level ways.  It’s also time to begin understanding & owning your own power to shape and create your own reality.  You may not be the only force in your world, but you are certainly an important one.  You have the power—and the responsibility—to change limiting situations in your life, by changing your thoughts, feelings, and most important of all—your actions.  In other words, if you want something done, then be willing to get it done, and also be willing to let it be done.

Finally, Pluto going direct may symbolize a time of endings and deep physical & emotional “purging” followed by a time of renewal & rebirth.  In fact, I would say with Mercury going retrograde, and Pluto going direct, that it is an excellent time to RENEW in any are of your life that has become stagnant, and to experience spiritual REBIRTH.”


Excerpt  from Maria Shaw’s Newsletter (September 2009):

“Leo Energy – Mars/Saturn/Jupiter/Sun/Uranus

“The Unveiling”

It is in the best interests of the Universe if you can keep calm, cool and collected during these times. On the way to you is the important date of 09/09/09!!!

I can’t emphasize enough about this date. Leading up to it and even after it could be days and nights of stress, confusion and upsetting events. Not just to you, but to the community, city, state, country you Live in. These are the times that try Men’s Souls.

The planet Mars is interacting with several planets at this time….

The planet Mars, the planet of action, sometimes aggressive action, is here squaring off with the planet Saturn. Saturn is the planet of seriousness and responsibility. Even if you are a good con artist or talker, it will be hard to get out of a situation you have found yourself in.

Someone or something in your world makes it clear that you need to stop what you are doing. Don’t let it get to you. Sometimes you try and try and try, and things still don’t work out the way you want.

It is simply a time to plan a little more carefully. This is the time to be informed. If you need to, see a professional. A counselor, a lawyer, a doctor. Sometimes you have to go to the pros to find out the facts. Hard work is here. If there are delays in getting what you want, that may be a good thing in the long run. If you think you are going to get off easy, look out!!

If you want to keep your job, if you want to make an impression on your boss, if you want to get ahead, you can’t sit and pout now. The best things in Life don’t always come easily. Sometimes you have to work for something worthwhile. If you have to search, work, toil, sweat, worry a little, go to bat for someone, have a full plate right now, guess what??

Join the majority of the people on this planet! There are those out there, who feel deep in their Heart that the world owes them. They feel that someone else can do the hard work.

They are used to someone else taking care of them. For some reason, they made a choice early in Life never to grow up. You may wake up someday and find the world has passed you by.

You Live in a different paradigm now. Getting by on your looks won’t work. Well, maybe for a little while.LOL. Seriously, it is time to step up to the plate and be counted!

Mars also is meeting up with the planet Jupiter. It is time to clean out the clutter in your Life.

You will have plenty of Energy to do this. It is a time of growth and expansion. Moving forward is a good idea before the Mercury Retrograde that will hit you next month. Confidence is a good thing now. Try something that will give your self esteem a boost.

Mars is very active now and interacts with the planet Uranus too. This planet is in Retrograde until December 1. Uranus, the planet of the unexpected is going to make you feel restless.

As mentioned above, you may have road blocks or delays and forced to reconsider what you were doing. Now, is a good time to see what changes need to happen in order to make your Life better. To hold onto something or to let it go may be a decision you have to make.

Maybe it is better to hold onto something and just a wait it out. Energies may change within a month, week or even days. Don’t give up!

Finally, the Sun meets up with Jupiter. The Sun represents the self or you. Jupiter is the planet of growth and expansion. Where are you now? Are you where you want to be? Is it time to make more money? Is it time to save? Is it time to spend? Is it time to invest in your future? Is it time to move on in a relationship? Jupiter is still in Retrograde and wants you to look at things that did or did not turn out the way you thought they would.

Maybe new ideas are perking in your brain, ideas you never thought of before. Jupiter turns direct on October 12th. So now is a good time to plan.

My Message for the Now is how to prepare for the future with the new Energies coming in the next weeks and months. I use the words “The Unveiling” because in a way you are becoming more aware, more conscious, more knowledgeable of the Energy around you.

While changes take place, it is important for you to be able to handle them.

This is not the time to become FEAR BASED, EMOTIONAL, WITH A BATTEN DOWN THE HATCHES MENTALITY! It is about business, authority, and responsibility. It is about home, family, nurturing, contentment and security.

This is a time to think first, react second. This is a time to be more analytical, not to plod through without planning. This is a time to be spend less, save more. Here are some ways to cope:

1. YOU WERE MADE FOR THIS TIME: This is a time of the new and unexplored territory. You may be asked to do something you have never done before. The Earth is changing, the economy is changing, the environment is changing. You may be afraid of health epidemics.

You are alive now. You were born at the right time. You are here to learn the lessons and have the experiences of the new. For whatever reason, you are here to serve your Soul’s purpose. Every Soul has a part to play in the changes happening on Earth now. That includes you.

2. PROTECT YOURSELF FROM THE CRAZIES: It is a time of social networking. That is a good thing. There are those who will take advantage of it. You can choose to be in the now, living the best Life you can, or you can go to the dark. You can be part of something that is all smoke and mirrors. All illusion. You can be part of hysteria. Even though you may be tempted, try to take breaks from Facebook, Twitter, texting, emails, cell phones. Every once in a while try to take a break and just sit under a tree, or sit by the ocean.

3. MAKE YOUR OWN LIGHT: You are all Lightworkers, bathed in Light by God. Each person has his/her own aura or Energy field. Your persona follows you wherever you go. You make this journey alone, believe it or not. You can be surrounded by people, but the ultimate person you have to deal with everyday is yourself. Your Light is important. Your relationship with a higher power or God is important. It is time to Trust in your own Life, and the God in your Life.
4. IT IS NOT JUST YOU: There is a growing gap between the main channel and what is happening in your Life. Some things just seem out of the Twilight Zone. It can be confusing to watch TV, the Internet, listen to the radio, etc., and not wonder what is going on in the world? You can feel panic attacks, and fear when you hear about all the craziness. If you can keep centered, and not absorb all of this, that will be good. There may be surprises about your place on this planet. If you are suddenly seeing the world differently, you are not alone. Millions of people feel just like you.

5. EMBRACE THE UNKNOWN: As the old and familiar are taken away, you may feel like the unknown is scary. It is a time of being stuck, in limbo. Not always bad. You are in a transition, waiting for the next chapter to start. Anything can happen. Thoughts can manifest into reality. If you are a client of mine, you will understand that Karma can be completed now. This is a great time to let Karma go in your Life. You may have more Karma in the future, but now is a good time to complete negative Karma.

6. BE PRESENT IN THE NOW: This is a mantra I talk about everyday. Do not give up hope. Know that a dramatic shift in your thinking may happen. If doors are closing in one place, look for where doors are opening in another place. You will see coincidences, signs and get Messages to lead you where you are supposed to be. Please don’t shut out any opportunities. You may feel more free. Maybe losing something you were used to, will eventually be liberating.

More to be revealed on the changes coming. Be strong, be real, try to Live in the Now.

The veil is moving away. Things will be shown to you. Don’t be afraid.

This was sent to me by a radio listener of mine and I would like to extend credit to the writer Marylou Chapman. I couldn’t have said this better! “


You Tube – “The Om”:


Love, Light & Blessings to You,

Stacey Osder

October 2008

Greetings Everyone!

I hope that each and  every one of you are doing well.   It has been awhile since I have written – I have been meaning to, but you know how that is!..  These are exciting times we are living in, aren’t they!?  Difficult – yes, but extremely exciting as well, on so many levels.  It seems an appropriate time to share a few different things with you (see below).  Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have any questions, need further information, or are in need of my services.

As always, it is a pleasure, and an honor, working with you.  Thank you for all the referrals.

Many Bright, Beautiful & Peaceful Blessings,

Stacey Osder


Many of you are on prescribed medications, dealing with increasing health costs, etc.  Following are two websites you may find helpful to obtain free and/or low cost prescriptions.  They are both great programs, and provide in-depth information on the websites.   (Montel Williams publicized)   (Walgreens Prescription Savings Club)


I receive many questions regarding the “energy” of our times, astrology, and planetary influences.  Following are three of my favorite websites addressing these subjects:  (energy alerts, which you can sign up to receive, are always informative)  (email alerts are available for moon phases, and their influences)  (astrology information, including monthly forecasts)


A good article on silence, and its benefits:

By Lloyd J. Thomas, Ph.D.

In the August issue of “Ode” magazine, Tijn Touber wrote, “Being silent means more than just holding your tongue.  It means listening for the softest, most subtle sound of all—the sound of the soul.”

Last April, I was forced to keep vocally silent for a week after minor surgery on my vocal chords.  Among the benefits I derived from not talking aloud (not even a whisper), was my penmanship dramatically improved.  The notes I wrote to my wife were at least legible.  The experience of not speaking allowed me the opportunity to identify some other benefits of silence.  Here are some of them.

Verbal silence invites you to become mentally silent as well.  Thinking has been defined as non-verbal language.  One of the first exercises in learning how to meditate is to slow down (or completely stop) the mental activity called the “monkey mind.”  Like a monkey in a cage, our thoughts usually jump from topic to topic in a rapid and endless motion.  By not speaking, you can more easily learn to control the speed of your “monkey mind” and that allows your mind more easily to become silent…the necessary step for effective meditation.

When you do not talk, you become more sensitive to your external environment.  After a week of silence, Tijn Touber exclaimed, “Never before had I felt such intense contact with everything around me—precisely because I hadn’t uttered a word.  It was as if all my senses were wide open…”

Not only do you become more attune to your external environment, you also begin to focus more clearly on your internal environment.  When you can’t verbally respond to the world outside your skin, you become
more aware of what is going on inside: every little discomfort; your breathing pattern; your pulse and heartbeat; your digestive sounds; etc.

Many times, using words can serve as a defensive “smoke-screen.”  We all know people who speak incessantly, never letting you “get a word in edgewise.”  They are constantly talking to protect themselves from being vulnerable to any responses from others.  Their need to talk keeps them from receiving any responses from others.  Other people very much appreciate it when the talker goes silent.  It allows them
the opportunity to share their feelings and ideas.

When you are silent, it invites others the opportunity to be silent too.  Religious orders know very well the benefit of “keeping the rule of silence.”  When it is okay, even encouraged to be silent, that silence is never interpreted as negative or hostile (the “silent treatment”).  It makes silence a comfort and a respite from the noise of every day living.

Internal silence enhances your ability to listen fully.  When you don’t feel compelled to talk, you are able to be fully present, focused on what others may be saying.  We all know the value of really listening without mentally composing and rehearsing a reply.  Fully listening to another validates that what s/he is saying is important to you.

Italian psychiatrist, Piero Ferrucci, believes that silent contemplation is a human necessity.  In the same “Ode” magazine, he compares it to the necessity of “going to the bathroom.”  “But we deny this basic, physiological need—as if the entire society were to forget to go to the bathroom.  That’s serious!”

The “ecoactivist,” John Francis writes: “Silence is not just not talking.  It’s a void.  It’s a place where all things come from.  All voices, all creation comes out of this silence.”  Perhaps Tijn Touber is right.  When you are both internally and externally silent, you are ready to listen to the sound of your soul.

Don’t wait until you have vocal-chord surgery.  Regularly, take some time to stop talking aloud AND internally.  You may be surprised at what you can learn about the world around you…and your soul.

Lloyd J. Thomas, Ph.D. has 30+ years experience as a Life Coach and Licensed Psychologist.  He is available for coaching in any area presented in “Practical Psychology.”  Initial coaching sessions are
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This is just a wonderful story.  I had forgotten about it, and came across it again recently.  Enjoy..

A Water Bearer in India Had Two Large Pots

“A water bearer in India had two large pots,
each hung on either end of a pole
which he carried across his neck.
One of the pots had a crack in it,
and while the other pot was perfect and
always delivered a full portion of water
at the end of the long walk
from the stream to the master’s house,
the cracked pot arrived only half full.
For a full two years this went on daily,
with the bearer delivering only one and a half
pots full of water to his master’s house.
The perfect pot was proud of its accomplishments,
but the cracked pot was miserable,
ashamed that it was able to accomplish
only half of what it had been made to do.
After two years of what it perceived to be a bitter failure,
the cracked pot spoke to the water bearer one day
by the stream.
“I am ashamed of myself, and I want to apologize to you.”
“Why? What are you ashamed of?” asked the bearer.
“I have been able, for these past two years, to deliver only half my load
because this crack in my side causes water to leak
out all the way back to your master’s house.
Because of my flaws, you have to do all of this work,
and you don’t get full value from your efforts,” the pot said.
The water bearer felt compassion and said,
“As we return to the master’s house, I want
you to notice the beautiful flowers along the path.”
Indeed, as they went up the hill,
the old cracked pot took notice of the sun warming
many beautiful wild flowers on the side
of the path, and this cheered it some.
But at the end of the trail, it still felt bad because
it had leaked out half its load, and so again it
apologized to the bearer for its failure.
The bearer said to the pot, “Did you notice that there
were flowers only on your side of
the path, but not on the other pot’s side?
That is because I have always known about
your crack. Accepting what was given to me,
I planted flower seeds on your side of the path,
and every day while we walk back from the stream,
you’ve watered them. For two years I have been able to
pick these beautiful flowers to decorate my master’s table.
Without you being just the way you are, he would not have this
beauty to grace his house.”

Author Unknown